Data Driven Marketing Strategy

As you are aware that the entire world is struggling now to survive their businesses due to pandemic covid 19.

While most of the companies are focusing on reducing their costs and cutting 50% salaries.

You will be surprised to know that few businesses are growing well in the current situation.

And also they are hiring new talents and offering good amounts of increments to their employees.

Seems Awesome !

It is not difficult as most of the businesses are thinking, You need to understand the use of meaningful data to run your marketing campaigns. Now lets learn what is data driven marketing to grow your business.

Data Driven Marketing

What is Data Driven Marketing : Data driven marketing refers to the building of a strategy which is based on insightful data or information. This involves understanding data which are already available, data that can be arranged, and how to tabulate, organise, analyze and apply that data for better marketing efforts.

Key Benefits of data-driven marketing

The Key benefits of data-driven marketing is targeting the right consumers. 

Identify the target market based on different segments like gio-locations, age group, their behavior etc

Ad spends and marketing campaigns can be optimized to be shown only to the right audience.

All of these key benefits result in significant ROIs for marketers.

3 Killer/ Data Driven Marketing Strategies

Data itself is a most valuable marketing resource. With the insightful information, you can create scalable, growth oriented marketing processes. It’s the dream of every marketer that their campaigns run on autopilot mode, so they can focus on the next strategy.

Now the major challenge that comes is most of the marketers don’t have the expertise to work with data effectively. They may not be aware about the use of data analysis tools or may not have the data analysis background.

Now, no need to worry. It’s good news for you that most of the marketers are stuck in the same boat.

Here are 3 data-driven marketing strategies that help you to run successful marketing campaigns in autopilot mode. 

1. Use demographic data while planning to run a marketing campaign 

As you are aware that there are huge demographic changes in the world based on locations, segments etc, sometimes businesses fail to consider lower income segments but now you can see many examples of small packing, like shampoo, noodles etc. and it is helping to increase their sales drastically.

Therefore, It is very important to consider demographic data while designing your marketing campaign.

2. Use Proven Channel for marketing Campaigns

Many marketers try new channels for their marketing campaigns but due to lack of traffic on new channels, fail to understand the segment of audience etc, they burn their hands.

It is very risky to explore a new channel from scratch while you have a proven model.

If you want to explore new channels then first do very limited marketing and need to start from scratch, don’t take any risk. You need to ensure before investing a single penny that you have the best chance to succeed.

3. Understand the impact of industry changes on your marketing campaigns

We are living in a technology driven world where in every second our lives are impacted due to continuous changes in technology.

As we know there are businesses who do not follow the constant changes in technology. They are either closed or fighting for survival like Nokia, Kodak etc.

Therefore for a successful marketing campaign you need to consider changes in the industries and evolve your product or services accordingly.

Final Conclusion

If Insightful data is used strategically, data can help any businesses to  get smarter with their marketing. The three ideas above should be starting points for you to brainstorm your own data-driven marketing campaigns.

Never ignore 7 things of digital marketing to get Success

We all are living in a digital world. It is most important that your business has a big image in the digital world. In short, You can’t ignore digital marketing as it is the future of marketing. Let’s understand the different ways which can be used to drive sales for your business.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is optimization of website contents, speed, landing page, optimization of keywords, Title, Meta description etc so that your website comes up naturally in search results on search engines. 

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the strategy which helps to drive traffic for your business through paid efforts. You may decide to use the PPC (pay-per-click), CPC (cost-per-click), or CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) model based on your business requirement. 

3. Content Creation 

Content is very important while filtering search results. All the recent changes to Google’s algorithm shows its importance, Content can be presented via different modes like blogs, e-books, case studies, articles, forums, news and updates, images, banners, infographics, webinars, videos etc. Remember, Good content is the best way for branding your business.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Social Media Marketing or SMM involves driving traffic to your sites through social media like Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. As we stated above, good content is shared and liked by people. you need to engage users 3-4 times on a daily basis to drive sales. 

5. Mobile Marketing 

As we can see now most of the persons using mobile and prefer to brose anything on mobile or using mobile app. Therefore it is very important for you to use Mobile Marketing for your business. Remember, the website, apps and content should be mobile friendly. 

6. Email Marketing 

Email is the most important tool for any business. Therefore it is strongly recommended to use email as a marketing tool. There are so many tools by which you can send promotional emails to your existing and potential customers.

7. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular marketing tool where you pay your affiliate channel based on their performance. The performance can be based on conversions, leads, promotions or sales. Most online businesses are offering affiliate program like Amazon, Google, etc.


It is most important to use different marketing strategies for your business and find out which are working for you. Generally, it is the combination of more than one strategy that will serve your objectives.

8 ways You can’t ignore to grow your business

In the present scenario generating business by growing your customers is very important for the success of any business. However, sometimes its becoming very challenging.

Here are some practical ways to help a business to increase its customers.

1. Know your customers needs

This is very important to understand your customer’s needs and develop products and services that can fulfill their needs. You can collect these data by consumer survey or direct feedback from customers.

2. Awesome customer service

For a successful growing business you need to ensure your customer service is awesome and having USP so that your customers will experience it and also be more happy to refer other customers to you.

3. Focus to nurture existing customers and look forward for new opportunities

Create strategies to nurture existing customers, such as connect with them via email, e-newsletter or letting them know about your upcoming promotional events. 

Also at the same time, look for new opportunities to get more customers. You need to ensure that you find the right balance between nurturing existing customers and finding new ones.

4. Create presence on social media

In the new technology era now social media is the most powerful tool to promote your business. To reach more potential customers and gain valuable insight through ‘social listing’. Through social media you can get the information that is the experience and feedback of customers towards your product or services, you can get to know their buying behaviour, can identify needs and trends that appeal to your target market. Also register your business to the local trade directory to get more customers.

5. Build network

You can reach more and more customers using your networking for that you need to Invest time to build your networks – it’s not about what you know but it is about who you know.

You need to attend networking events to build your networking, It allow you to build relationships with others and encourage them to refer customers to you through different channels like whatsapp, facebook, word of mouth etc.

6. Organize events

Organizing your own event is a great way to increase your customers and build relationships. Invite your customers who have great experience about your product and services with their friends and request them to share their experience about your product and services in front of the entire audience. It will help us to attract more customers.

7. Use CSR as marketing tool

You can promote your product and service to advertise that X % will be contributed to social causes like child education etc if someone buys your product or services. Apart from it you can sponsor local events to build brand awareness in your local community.

8. Measure what strategy works and refine your marketing campaigns 

You must monitor that from where your customers are coming, which media is working for you. Be ready for experiment new things. Refine your marketing campaigns if something is not working and also focus more time on the activities that achieve the best results for you.