Question: From where you get to know about Akaaye India?
Answers: My friend was working with Akaaye India as business development executive and he advise me to join Akaaye India.
Question: Did you earn money from Akaaye India?
Answers: Yes
Question: How do you trust Akaaye India?
Answers: Anyone can trust Akaaye India because they don’t ask client’s contact number from us and don’t talk directly to them. They keep us in conference while negotiating with clients. Secondly we can track our earning through affiliates portal on Akaaye’s Website and get weekly payment of our earning on every Monday.
Question: Do you face any problem regarding payment?
Answer: No. I got my payment on weekly basis without any delay.
Question: What is your strategy for generating business for Akaaye?
Answer: Sharing is the best strategy. I share Akaaye’s brochure, my business card given by the company on instagram, facebook, whatsapp , linkedin and other social media site. I also share post uploaded on company’s page on facebook, instagram and I got projects from there. Also we are getting data of business owners from company to run whatsapp campaign for lead generation.
Question: Do you recommend others to join Akaaye India?
Answer: I highly recommend to join Akaaye India because it is trustworthy and delivers best quality of services and also it has high growth potential.

You can earn 20% share of the business value on all our services excluding mobile app development.
In mobile app service you can earn 10% share of the business value.